Landscapes in Florida come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of plants, trees, and turf.You can rest assured that Omegascapes will thoroughly evaluate your entire property to come up with an accurate cost.This involves measuring all turf and shrub areas, counting each and every tree and palm, and inspecting the complete irrigation system.Our operations team is then brought in to provide input, and to help develop a custom plan for your property.

Account Management

We believe the synergy between Sales and Operations is what sets Omegascapes apart.Each property is assigned to a Landscape Account Manager that will be your single point of contact for all operations.Because they were already involved in the Sales process, you can count on us to deliver what was promised.Responsibilities include coordinating the planting, mowing, trimming, pest control, irrigation, and arbor care services seamlessly.All communications between Omegascapes and the client will funnel through the Account Manager, eliminating any finger pointing.We believe it is important to be proactive by offering you solutions to issues before they become a problem.Our goal is to be a partner with you on your property, and be an extension of your management team.


Landscape Maintenance

This is the “core” of our service, which requires weekly visits with specialized mowing and detail crews.  Our staff is dressed professionally, always safety conscious, and committed to the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Irrigation Services

As a licensed irrigation contractor, we perform all services in house with highly trained professionals.  Our team has installed some of the largest, and most complex systems to date, some utilizing central monitoring and alert systems.  However, many systems we manage are much older, sometimes with no map of component locations.  To help our clients, we will locate and document the system for them and provide a map for their records.  Managing the volume of water that is distributed in the landscape is becoming increasingly important in Florida, as our natural water supplies are compromised.  We use Best Management Practices to irrigate the landscape as efficiently as possible.

Pest Control and Fertilization

The Sunshine State offers ideal conditions throughout the year for infestations of diseases and insects.  Our Horticulture team is committed to using Best Management Practices to minimize the use of chemicals by diagnosing the source of problems first.  Often, adjustments to irrigation systems, and eliminating “wrong plant, wrong place” scenarios can reduce pest issues significantly.  The landscape is ever changing, and each property requires a unique approach and plan.  Special care is always taken to keep fertilizers and chemicals from entering our precious lakes and waterways.

Arbor care and palm trimming

When we think of Florida, we often think of palm trees, and many of the properties we manage contain hundreds of them that require yearly trimming.  Hardwood street trees are another charming characteristic on many properties, and our team is equipped and trained to use Best Management Practices to ensure the long term health of each tree.  Hurricanes are a reality here, and a proper maintenance schedule can reduce property damage significantly, while also preserving the beauty of the landscape.

Landscape Improvements

From mulch installations, to large scale tear outs and installations… Omegascapes can handle it.  Our sister company, Lake Conway Landscaping, installs landscape jobs well over $1 million in size, so nothing is too big or complex for us to handle.  We also offer landscape design services so that your team of decision makers can see professional renderings of our proposed scope of work, which will help you feel confident in making your choice.